GRID Autosport

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Change the way you drive with GRID Autosport.

Codemaster presents the culmination of one of the most acclaimed driving sagas of the last few years, GRID Autosport. To create the game, the Codemaster guys have had the advice of the community of professional drivers to create a much more realistic game in all respects.

Unlike other driving games, in the GRID Autosport series you have to adapt to a new model of driving, where they create the thrills of the most amazing cars, in a compromise between arcade and simulation mode is recreated.

But GRID Autosport not only changes the way people drive, it also changes the perspective of the game, in which you have to compete against virtual and very realistic drivers wheel to wheel, who will defend each lap, trying to take the lead, and also suffering damage to the car if you aren't careful. Like the player, these virtual drivers can go off the circuit, crash while overtaking or not choose the right tire in each competition.

Once you enter the world of GRID Autosport you can choose what type of vehicle you want to compete in, for example, a single seater, a touring car, a supercar, a prototype or other types of cars. Taking place on over a hundred routes, in twenty incredible locations with a wide variety of urban, classic and modern tracks.

And of course, don't forget to play against friends and other players, thanks to the GRID Autosport multiplayer mode, where you can meet weekly for challenges. Although if you wish, you can also play with a friend by splitting the screen into two halves. Found your own car club and get ready to be number one in this awesome car racing game. As you prepare to step on the accelerator, don't forget to decorate your desktop with this awesome wallpaper of GRID Autosport.


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